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Chapman University for Fo Guang Cup visiting Hsi Lai Temple
January 18, 2016

Before competing in the 2015 Fo Guang Cup International Invitational College Basketball Tournament, Chapman University’s womens’ basketball team, representing the United States, was invited to come visit Hsi Lai Temple on January 18. The 14-member team was led by coach Carol Jung Jue.

Venerable Abbot Huidong held a discussion in the small conference room of Hsi Lai Temple, explaining that the Fo Guang Cup International Invitational College Basketball Tournament is a combination of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s push for the Three Acts of Goodness (do good deeds, speak good words, and think good thoughts) and a standard basketball tournament.

Coach Carol Jung Jue expressed that Chapman University’s womens’ basketball team is half Asian, and going to Fo Guang Shan, the team members made deep, unforgettable memories. Especially with the scenery and things at Fo Guang Shan and the Buddha Memorial Center, the compliments were endless. The team also shared the experience of jetlag and inclement weather in Taiwan and were unable to perform at their best but hope to have another chance to compete in Taiwan.

Afterwards, Venerable Abbot Huidong represented Fo Guang Shan’s Three Acts of Goodness Fitness Association and gave a token of appreciation to Chapman University, with Coach Carol Jung Jue representing the university in receiving the gift, thanking them for their support. Chapman University sent the temple a team jersey and a team photo in return.

English docent Neal Golub gave the team an introduction to Hsi Lai Temple, bringing them to the Main Shrine to offer incense and explained the significance of incense offering as well as the statues and Dharma instruments in the Main Shrine. The team stayed for a delicious lunch.