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10-16-2016Free Flu Shots for Los Angeles Residents
10-7-2016Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue Meeting
10-6-2016Hsi Lai Temple Attended the Homeland Heroes Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon
10-3-2016Baby Foods for Kids in Hacienda Heights
10-3-2016A Visit by the Former Vice President of the Republic of China
10-1-2016Diamond Circle for Young Adults to Learn about Buddhism
9-25-2016In Purity and Tranquility for One Day and Night
9-21-2016International Day of Peace
9-17-2016Protect Animals and Save the Earth
9-17-2016An Evening under the Moon
9-12-2016Making Thousands of Moon Cakes
8-28-2016Guqin musical instrument performance
8-24-2016BLYSO performed in the Main Hall of the Buddha Memorial Center
8-21-2016Three-day mediation retreat
8-16-2016Caly Poly Ponoma First Winning
8-14-2016Pre-Tour Concert by BLYSO
8-14-20162016 Sounds of the Human Singing Competition
8-14-2016Basketball Teams in Taiwan
8-13-20162016 Master Hsing Yun’s One-Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition
8-10-2016Basketball Teams in Taiwan
8-5-2016Multifaith Hospice Care

7-26-2016HLBCP Graduation Ceremony
7-24-20162016 Ullambana Sangha Day Offering Ceremony
7-21-2016Over 200 Attended Precepts Retreat
7-20-2016Youth Short-Term Monastic Retreat
7-17-2016Mass In Recognition of Immigrants’ Spirit
7-11-2016HLBCP Hike for Health
7-10-2016Welcoming New Scouts
7-7-2016Visiting LA Sherriff Department
7-4-2016Independent Day Parade
7-2-2016Baby Blessing Ceremony

6-24-2016Children's Camp Retreat
6-15-2016Interfaith in Action
6-12-2016Hsi Lai Buddhist Cultivation Program
6-11-2016Lending a Hand to the Indonesian Community
6-5-2016Youth Concert Fundraiser
6-5-2016Boy Scouts Annual Review
6-4-2016Walk in the Park

5-29-2016Eight Precepts Retreat
5-15-2016Bathing the Buddha Festival and Triple Gem Refuge Ceremony
5-13-2016A Conversation Between Catholics and Buddhists
5-11-2016Sharing Religions
5-5-2016Teenage Faith
5-5-2016National Day of Prayer
5-5-2016Fo Guang Dictionary of Buddhism

4-30-2016Lecture by the Abbot at Bowers Museum
4-30-2016Relay for Life” at Hacienda Heights
4-24-2016Music and Art Festival strikes a chord
4-21-2016Religious Pluralism Day at City Hall
4-17-2016Hsi Lai Youth Orchestra Performing at Disneyland
4-17-2016Lecture by Ven. Mankuang at Central Avenue Church
4-13-2016Repairing the Buddhist Sculptures
4-10-2016BLP at LA Times Festival of Books
4-6-2016Buddhism in Daily Life
4-5-2016Habitat for Humanity Luncheon

3-27-2016Eight Precepts Retreat and Pilgrimage
3-23-2016Association of Teachers in Recognition of Hsi Lai Temple
3-20-2016Bag of Blood - Save a Life
3-19-2016Free Tax Service to Residents of Los Angeles
3-15-2016Invocation at LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting by Abbot Ven. Huidong
3-11-2016Korean Monastics Tour Hsi Lai Temple, Plan to Build Meditation Center
3-11-2016Buddhist-Christian Dialogue Aims to Help the Homeless
3-4-2016Lecture on Dunhuang Manuscripts
3-4-2016Reunion of Senior YAD Members
3-4-2016Interfaith Visit by Encounter SoCal

2-25-2016Prayer for the Salute to Heroes
2-18-2016February Interfaith Meeting
2-8-2016Chinese New Year
2-6-2016Lotus Sutra Preserved in St. John’s Cathedral

1-18-2016Chapman University for Fo Guang Cup visiting HLT
1-17-2016Celebrating Dharma Day with Laba Porridge Giving