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BLIA Conference
December 5, 2015

On December 5, 2015, Hsi Lai Temple conducted "The 21st International Buddha's Light International Association of Los Angeles Members Conference". More than 600 BLIA members and representatives from different subchapters participated in this special annual event. The Conference was presided by BLIA Los Angeles President, Jerry Chen.

Distinguished guests included Venerable Abbot Hui Dong, Director Hui Hao, BLIA World Chapter Board Director Jia Pei Wang, World Chapter CFO and Los Angeles Chapter Supervisor Ju Chen, University of the West President Dr. Stephen Morgan and Dharma teacher Nai Bing Chang. President Jerry Chen expressed his appreciation for all BLIA members in their selfless devotion and sacrifice in the past year. With all their hard work and support, BLIA was able to grow and thrive. He stated that it has shown in the past year, how the transitions between the senior members to the next generations, have provided us with many intelligent young members and they have demonstrated outstanding performances. He wanted to attribute the credit to the out going senior members. In his speech, Venerable Abbot Hui Dong called this annual conference an auspicious and joyful event for all the Buddhist Light practitioners. He thanked all members in their hard work and support. Because of their hard work, more people can be benefited from learning the Dharma. In addition, awards were given to outstanding members, sub-chapters' meeting report film productions, outstanding BLIA event coordinators and outstanding BLIA sponsors. Upon the adjournment of the conference, a delicious dinner banquet was held with an evening full of wonderful programs and raffle tickets drawing. The conference was concluded in a happy and warm atmosphere with Venerable Abbot's wishing for "A Better Tomorrow".