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BLIA Conference
December 3, 2015

On December 3, the monastic staff of Hsi Lai Temple's Outreach Department, along with three students from Hsi Lai Buddhist College, attended a lecture by Dr. Lewis Lancaster of UC Berkeley. Venerables Man Kuang, Man Jing, and Zhi Shuan listened to Professor Lancaster share his project of translating the Chinese language Fo Guang Dictionary into English language based mass media. Multiple technical websites such as SAT Daizokyo Text Database, Korean Catalog Muller, Google Ngram and Google Translator were utilized in the process. Altogether, there was 20 people attended this meeting, including Dr. Rarui Long, professor of History of Religious and Buddhist Studies, PhD students and staff of UWest.

Dr. Lancaster also invited audience members to participate in translating a sequence of words into the appropriate meaning in English. The results will be shared through PowerPoint presentations at a subsequent exchange in January 2016.

Fo Guang Dictionary was originally supervised by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, with Venerable Tzu Yi as the editor-in-chief. It took over a decade to finish compiling 32,000 entries for different Buddhist religious terms, making the book a popular reference for both readers and researchers. In 1988 publishers in Taiwan awarded the dictionary a Golden Ding literary award, and the next year, a simplified edition was produced by Peking Books Publishing.