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Fundraising for Kids
November 22, 2015

Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School chose the very American holiday of Thanksgiving week to hold their annual fundraiser on November 22, 2015. This charitable event came to realization by efforts not only of the school, but in great deal by the care and support of all the subchapters of BLIA Los Angeles Chapter, the PTA, Buddha’s Light Youth Symphony Orchestra, Buddha’s Light Boy and Cub Scouts and also BLIA Young Adult Division which drew in nearly 1000 attendees.

The fundraiser began with a few words from Principal, Venerable Hui Dong, thanking all volunteers for their time and encouraging all people to practice the three good deeds by “doing good deeds, saying good words, and thinking good thoughts.”

With 20 food booths, there were simply too many things to try. Many people donated items produced in their homes while others collected lightly used items for the bazaar. Both Western and Chinese Medicine clinics were even available onsite for those in need. Aside from game booths, performances by the BLYSO symphony orchestra, BLHLS students, and Buddha’s Light Chinese Drum Troupe also provided entertainment for energetic kids.