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Appreciation During Thanksgiving
November 19, 2015

During Thanksgiving week, Hsi Lai Temple wanted to show their appreciation for the great work of local police and firemen. This year, on November 19, Venerable Abbot Hui Dong, Venerable Director Man Kuang of Outreach, together with Vice President Alex Wu of Buddha’s Light International Association and Lay monastic Stella Wu, went to present gift baskets to various stations in the area. Included were the LA County Sheriff’s Department, City of Industry Station, Fire Station 43, LA County Fire Station 118, Fire Station 91 and La Habra Heights Fire Station 1.

Captain Timothy Murakami thanked the Abbot for coming to the station and showed his collection of various police caps from different parts of the world. He also mentioned that about 8% of the police force are Asian and that enrollment enlarges year by year.

At the fire stations, the firemen said that they work 24 hour shifts. Besides physical training, they need to be alert at all times; always ready to go out and help save people from all kinds of situations.