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Annual Food Drive
November 10, 2015

The annual Food Drive, organized by Lotus SoCal, collected 15 huge boxes of food including rice, various canned foods, cereals, cookies, noodles and dried goods. Bright and early on the morning of November 10, a big truck from Foothill Unity Center came to to pick up the food from the temple.

Venerable Director Hui Hao, Venerable Director Man Kuang, and Venerables Long En, Man Jing, and Man Deng and also Lotus SoCal committee member, Lydia Tam, came to help to move all the food onto the truck.

Foothill Unity Center, established 35 years ago, helps to give food, school supplies and daily necessities for all families in need. Several hundred volunteers will continue by helping to gather and itemize all the donated goods and finally deliver them to families in need of assistance before the Thanksgiving holiday.