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Multicultural event: Mass for all religions
October 24, 2015

On 10/23, Loyola High School, a 150 year old Jesuit preparatory school for young men, held its very first multicultural event: Mass for all religions. Attendees included those who practiced Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Venerable Man Kuang attended on behalf of Hsi Lai Temple and participated on a panel to discuss various aspects of religion with 100 students from Loyola’s class on religion.

Students shared their main concern today is the issue with ISIS. They expressed their loathing of killing and dictatorship in the name of religion. As to the question, “Can peace defeat force?” Venerable Man Kuang emphasized if religions can inspire kindness in everyone, wars will subside. During the discussions, students also expressed interests in Buddhist etiquette and the concept of suffering.

At this event, the school’s chorus performed a few pieces of hymns. Representatives from different religions also prayed for world peace, harmonious happiness and to promote collaboration regardless of one’s religion in English, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindu, and Arabic.

Principal Frank Kozakowski expressed appreciation for this event planned and organized by Tika Lee, a teacher of the Religion class of Loyola. She also arranges periodic student visits to Hsi Lai Temple.