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October 17, 2015

Lotus SoCal had their first annual Apple Picking Outing, a fun and relaxing adventure with great friends and families, at the farms and orchards of Oak Glen. They had lunch at Oak Tree Village then sampled local apple delicacies such as freshly pressed apple cider, fresh baked apple bread, and homemade apple sauce. Everybody could not leave without visiting the ‘U pick’ apple orchard at Riley Farms. Apples freshly picked from the trees are the best! They even have a ‘U pick’ pumpkin patch.

Lotus SoCal is continuously planning various events, programs and activities, as it strives to create a friendly and interactive atmosphere for English speakers and families. Upcoming projects include food donation and Thanksgiving food packaging for needy families. Future outings include a visit to a nearby Hindu temple, organizing visits to senior citizen centers for the English speaking, and more. Lotus SoCal also holds two major annual events at the temple, the Music and Arts Festival and An Evening Under the Moon. These events are popular among English speakers (and Chinese speakers as well!) In addition, Lotus SoCal holds an ongoing English Sunday Dharma School, the perfect environment for kids between the ages of 4 – 10 to learn about the virtues of Buddhism.