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A Visit by an Artists Family
October 17, 2015

Distinguished visiting artist Li Zijian’s wife, Hui Dan, brought her sister, Baili to visit Hsi Lai Temple and meet with Venerable Abbot Huidong.

Hui Dan talked about her husband’s meeting with Venerable Master 22 years ago, which inspired him to create many humanist and compassion-themed art pieces. In these past 20 years, his art has toured six continents and 30 countries, with the current one being oil paintings spreading the universal value of human nature and love. Because of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s influence, this is the most important focus of his life. Hui Dan mentioned that they are currently living in their old residence in Hunan, China. This visit to the states was to bring her sister to visit Hsi Lai Temple and to visit their son. Venerable Abbot Hui Dong expressed the temple’s warmest welcomes and inquired about their family’s status in the states. Prior to coming, the temple prepared a simplified Chinese character version of Hear Me Out—Words of a Humble Monk as a gift.