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Interfaith Thanks, Hope and Peace
October 15, 2015

On October 15, Venerable Director Man Kuang attended the AIAG (Arcadia Interfaith Action Group) monthly meeting to discuss the Thanksgiving Service to be held at Holy Angels Catholic Church on Monday, November 23. The theme for this year is “Giving Thanks for Our Community Volunteers.”

To express appreciation for all volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to benefit society, two representatives, including an adult and youth from seven diverse faiths, will be invited on stage to say a few words describing their volunteer work.

The meeting was held at PJTC Galpert Sanctuary in Weizmann Day School where choir groups from B’nai Simcha Pre-school, New Horizon School, Saint Mark’s School and Weizmann Day School performed for the Harmony for Humanity Concert in memory of Daniel Pearl. Pearl, a famed Wall Street journalist and a musician himself, was kidnapped and murdered by Pakistani extremists in 2002. With this twelfth consecutive year, Daniel’s parents, Dr. Judea and Ruth Pearl, wished to spread the message of hope, peace and solidarity through the mutual and universal language—music. Dr. Judea sang two famous ballads with the choirs in English and Hebrew.

Rev. Jolene Cadenbach, United Congregational Church of Christ