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Dharma Sounds in the World
October 12, 2015

Hsi Lai Temple and BLIA Rowland Heights Subchapter held the Buddha’s Light Choir’s annual concert on October 11 in the temple auditorium. Choir Director Venerable Hui Dong, Assistant Choir Director Ven. Miao Huang, Los Angeles Chapter vice presidents Shuailun Wu, Jiasheng Cai, and the enthusiastic audience of nearly 200 all enjoyed the musical performance.

Venerable Abbot Hui Dong gave the audience a Dharma talk about Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s use of music to appeal to young people when he first started spreading the Dharma in Yilan. He formed choirs and wrote the lyrics to Sounds of the Human World songs and used beautiful and touching modern tunes in hopes of popularizing Humanistic Buddhism on behalf of a harmonious society, world peace, and to make Buddhism more relatable to people in the modern age. The abbot also expressed gratitude to choir conductor and instructor Mingyang Lin and pianist Lihua Lin.

The choir opened with upbeat tunes like “Mindful of the Buddha.” They performed 21 songs from genres like Sounds of the Human World, classical, and modern pop songs. BLIA member Daifeng Wang said that each song really touched her and that she softly sang along to the ones she knew. The choir’s annual concert went smoothly and aside from the choir’s diligent practices, sound research group member, Junhong Wu, provided a professional sound board to aid the choir’s performance and make it even more professional.

The Buddha’s Light Choir, formed in 1991, has attended the Southern California Chinese Cultural Performance Season and the Southern California Choir Association Concert for the past 20+ years without fail. The choir also regularly performs at local concerts and convalescent homes. On October 18, the Buddha’s Light Choir and instructor Mingyang Lin’s three other choirs also performed together at the Los Angeles Overseas Education Center.