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Buddha’s Light Education
October 5, 2015

In order to provide the greatest resources and educational quality for the five universities founded by Venerable Master Hsing Yun in the Buddha’s Light consortium, the five universities, including Fo Guang University and Nanhua University of Taiwan, Nan Tien Institute of Australia, Guang Ming University of the Philippines, and University of the West from right here in the United States, met on October 5-6 at Hsi Lai Temple and University of the West to conduct a series of meetings.

Fo Guang Shan Educational Director, Venerable Yong Guang, among other deans, superintendents and various professors, attended this event, led Fo Guang University Dean Chaoxiang Yang. The event discussed future joint endeavors between the five universities to promote education, learning, research expansion, and general education. During the meeting, an office and website for the consortium was proposed, as well as joining the universities’ resources to provide greater expansion and efficiency.

The five universities made plans to work together on various projects, including international student recruitment, exchange programs, a joint international website with educational resources, regularly holding international Humanistic Buddhism symposiums, and personnel and financial resources to consolidate the universities’ resources and talents to continue to improve the schools’ quality and create a good educational environment for students to gain both breadth and depth in their studies so that the Buddha’s Light university consortiums can continue to grow and nurture talents to benefit society.

Venerable Director Yong Guang thanked everybody for their attendance and also thanked the presidents of the five universities for their leadership. She also talked about how Venerable Master Hsing Yun, who never received a diploma, was able to found three elementary and middle schools, 16 Buddhist colleges, and five universities. This meeting among the five international universities is historical and is an important point in Buddhist history. The consortium successfully completed their meeting, but this is not the end of this new beginning, and we can expect more historical events coming from the five universities.