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Hear Me Out - A Message from a Humble Monk Forum
October 4, 2015

On Oct. 4 Hsi Lai Temple invited Buddha's Light International World Headquarters Financial Officer Jim Chen; the US National Medical Academy of Sciences Professor Cunyu Wang; Hsi Lai Temple’s disciples representative Chin Shien Fen ; and anchor Juliette Zhua from LA18 TV station to join a forum to discuss Venerable Master Hsin Yun’s latest book entitled, “Hear Me Out: A Message From a Humble Monk.”

Abbot Huidong started the event by sharing a summary of the book that shed light on the decades of suffering and challenges Master Hsing Yun endured. Additionally, in the book, Master Hsing Yun provided insights into how he overcame his many difficulties by practicing the teaching of Buddhism (always striving to maintain a peaceful and positive outlook) and patience, which allowed him to spread the Dharma to five continents.

Over 200 people gathered in the auditorium to hear the honored guests share their personal stories on how they dealt with their challenges and how their sufferings were the impetus to make changes in their life or how the teachings of the Buddha helped them to cope and overcome their struggles.

Professor Wang shared that about eight years ago, he purchased a book by Master Hsin Yun at an airport, which deeply moved him. Because of the book, he fell in love with the brilliance of the philosophy of humanistic Buddhism. Not long afterwards he was able to visit Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan and met Master Hsing Yun. After reading “Hear Me Out” it reaffirmed his daily practices of positive thinking and being persistent to achieve what he sets out to accomplish.

Fen shared that he has known Master Hsin Yun for 30 years. He is in awed of the Master’s patience, confidence, courage, and his spirit of optimism on a daily basis, but especially under adversities. He quickly had to fully utilize positive thinking earlier this year when he had a medical misdiagnosis that almost caused him his life. However, through optimism and a forgiving outlook, he was able to fully recover which reminded him of impermanence and the need to live in the moment and appreciate those in his life.

Ms. Juliette Zhua read a paragraph from (page 468) “Hear Me Out: A Message From a Humble Monk” that had the most impacted her. Jim Chen shared his great admiration for Master Hsin Yun's compassionate nature to embrace and support everyone., even those under attack.

Abbot Huidong enthusiastic thanked everyone for their interest in hearing the personal stories shared by guests and how Master Hsin Yun’s teachings have helped them to overcome challenges. He gently reminded everyone to work hard to tame their negative emotions; observe changes in their heart and strive to always be at peace; and to focus on positive thinking to reduce stress.