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Enduring Service and Education
September 13, 2015

To give parents peace of mind while attending Sunday services at the temple, long-term supporter and active volunteer of Hsi Lai, Janet Petti, specifically launched the Dharma School for Kids program to subtly teach little children of temple devotees. Children are provided with nurturing stories and a diverse curriculum of activities including English Buddhist songs accompanied by the simple melodies of a ukulele. Many parents have expressed their gratitude for this service which allows kids to be in contact with Buddhism from an early age and thus plant the seeds of enlightenment deeply.

Aside from volunteering her time in the Sunday classroom, Janet is also a beloved docent of the temple. Under her guidance, visitors can easily have an understanding of the temple’s scenery, culture and spiritual outlook. Through the coupling of both practical experience and a Buddhist studies foundation, the interest to study Buddhism is developed. Today, on her 84th birthday, Ven. Abbot Hui Dong presented her with a framed piece of Master’s calligraphy, “Auspicious Beginnings of Harmony and Peace!” in appreciation of her enduring service and warmest wishes of a happy birthday.