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The visit of Dave Cowardin
September 7, 2015

Abbot Ven. Hui Dong, Ven. Man Kuang, Ven. Man Jing and Dave Morley, a Lotus SoCal committee member, went to visit Dave Cowardin in Huntington Memorial Hospital. Dave is a devoted volunteer at Hsi Lai Temple. He has practiced Buddhism with his wife Nancy at Hsi Lai Temple for many years. Two years ago, he spent 10 months, and worked 8 hours everyday to design and put together a demonstration carriage for the Buddha's Birthday Education Project exhibition. The carriage is an imitation of the one that was used by the emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty 1500 years ago.

Dave suffered from the blockage of arteries in his heart. With the professional treatment at the hospital, and careful support from Nancy, who has continued to chant Medicine Buddha's Dharani for thousands times for him, Dave is recovering well. The Venerables chanted the Dharani with Mr. Morley and Nancy to wish a good recovery for Dave. The couple appreciated the visit of the monastics and their blessing.