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Scouts at the Park
September 6, 2015

This past Sunday, 15 members of the Hsi Lai Boy and Cub Scouts met at Stimson Park for Personal Fitness training. After a good run, Ven. Man Kuang gave a lesson on “Bodhidharma and the Meditation School.” Besides explaining the Indian origin of the Meditation School, the relationship between Bodhidharma and China was also introduced, culminating with a 15 minute sitting session on the grass to focus on one’s breath.

Though the day was quite hot, there was the cooling shade of the trees overhead as each scout shared their experience with some saying, “I felt itchy,” and another saying, “I fell asleep for a minute,” and yet another saying, “This was the first time I ever took notice of my breath.” At this meeting, Kelvin, Spencer, and Henry shared with other scouts, their experiences attending the 2015 World Scout Jamboree held in Japan. In order to improve the character and training of the troupe, 5 parents will also attend a 3-day 2-night Wood Badge training in mid-September.