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Yummy Cultural Gathering
August 15, 2015

Led by Ms. Chang Wen, 31 students aged from sixteen to twenty-four of Fo Kuang Open University in Taiwan came to visit Hsi Lai temple at 8/15. Abbot Ven. Hui Dong received them with a talk and a group photo afterward.

Having learning one month ESL course in University of the West, students liked to practice their language skill and share snacks and pastry they brought from Taiwan with English speaking friends.

They prepared drawing posters to introduce each snack such as Sun Cake, Pop Rice Cake, Dried Bean Curd Stick, Pineapple Pastry, Preserved Mango, I Lan Ox-tongue Cracker, Cream Peanut Nougat and Mung Bean Paste Cake, etc.

Guests tasted at least 15 different kind of delicious Taiwanese specialties with Oolong tea while having conversation with the students. Two of the students demonstrated the Seal Characters writing with Chinese brushes and encouraged guests to do their own. This interesting cultural exchanging gathering ended up after noon.