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2015 Sound of Human World Karaoke Contest
August 9, 2015

On August 9, Hsi Lai Temple hosted the 「2015 Sound of Human World Karaoke Contest」. The event was organized by the Los Angeles chapter of the Buddha Light International Association (BLIA). Its aim was to promote Buddhism through music. An audience reaching 300 watched 200 contestants from BLIA performing songs written by Venerable Hsing Yun. Hsi Lai and San Gabriel Subchapters were invited to do the sign language performance for “Ode to the Triple Gem” and “Calling for Love”.

Before the entertainment started, Director of Hsi Lai Temple Venerable Hui Hao explained the contest’s origins. During the 1950s, Master Hsing Yun used popular music to draw the youth in Taiwan to Buddhist teachings. The initial program called “Sounds of the Human World” eventually grew into annual karaoke competitions held at Fo Guang Shan temples worldwide. Venerable Hui Hao followed by wishing everyone success and joy. Then BLIA President Jerry Chen took to the microphone to offer his own cheers to the competing members.

Once the performances were over, President Jerry Chen, Vice Presidents Sharron Lin and Jason Tasi, along with Venerable Hui Hao, presented awards and flowers to the winners amid the crowd’s enthusiastic applause. Lastly Mr. Chen personally thanked both the crew and participants, while expressing fondest hopes to see everyone again at the next karaoke contest in 2016.