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2015 "Three-good Children's Summer Camp" graduation exhibition
July 30, 2015

Fo Guang Hsi Lai School "Three-good Children's Summer Camp" graduation exhibition was held on July 30. More than 400 students, teachers and parents of people participated.

The summer camp programs, in addition to enhancing students' reading and writing skills in English courses, strengthening the analysis, understanding, computing power of math exercises, Chinese language courses are included as well. One of the major features of Fo Guang Hsi Lai School summer camp in recent years is its cooperation arrangements with many universities in Taiwan. Professionally trained student teachers from these universities have joined the camp and brought with them some new teaching concepts.

The programs included vivacious courses, such as sign language songs, creative painting, physical fitness Kong-fu, paper clay, puppetry, popular small chef's DIY sushi rolls, fruit dials, acrylic one stroke, flute rhythm instrument. The student teachers who were specially selected from Taiwan also brought in their respective areas of cultural talents, such as crosstalk, diabolo, making traditional children bamboo dragonfly, paper cutting and Chinese knot, and so on.

Fo Guang Hsi Lai School summer camp upholds the teaching of "Three-good Campaign" from its founder Venerable Master Hsing Yun. It leads the students by using vivid Buddhist stories, videos and Dharma rituals. The students recite the "Three-good: Good action, good words and good thoughts " at daily meal. On every Friday, through singing, drama, drawing, speech and reading, teachers uses different teaching methods to establish the Three-good moral concepts.

Many parents said that they are pleased with the impact the camp had on their children. After returning home, the children would help housework proactively. The nine week's diverse programs have increased children's Chinese reading ability, vocabulary use idioms, pronunciation and other aspects of a better grasp of spoken language. In addition, the clay production and botanical garden outing were particularly meaningful for the children. Some parents were so grateful they asked the temple not to end the camp. In order to ensure their children's continuing education in the temple, these parents said that they will apply for their children admissions to the school's fall semester program.