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A Sharing-Learning Visit to Indonesian Buddhist Organization
July 26, 2015

On July 26, Venerable Miaowei and 8 students from the Monastic Life Retreat visited the Dhammacakratra Buddhist Community Center at the Ontario Vihara . After a traditional Pali chanting led by Dhammacakratra devotees, the venerable led the congregation in guided meditation and a Dharma talk.

The meditation involved contemplating the appearance of the Buddha’s face, as well as focusing on the breath. “When I think of the Buddha and that I’m his student, his daughter or son, that I am his family, I feel happy,” said Venerable Miaowei.

Following by a Dharma talk, the cause and effect and the importance of understanding karma were discussed and concluded with a Q&A session, in which the congregation asked questions regarding Mahayana precepts and practices. Bracelets were given to participating devotees as a gift from the temple. The venerable also brought Buddhism in Every Step booklets to the center’s library.

Dhammacakratra volunteers offered a vegetarian lunch to the 9 Hsi Lai Temple representatives. The Indonesian organization invites Hsi Lai Temple representatives twice a year to lead their bimonthly group cultivation sessions.

“Buddhism is not only about meditation or Dharma words,” said Venerable Miaowei. “It is a philosophy of life, and we have to apply it to our daily lives.”