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Fo Guang Shan News Writing and Photography Forum Completion Ceremony
July 21, 2015

After 2 days' "Fo Guang Shan News Writing and Photography Forum" conducted by Fo Guang Shan News Center in Hsi Lai Temple, a forum completion ceremony was held in the Temple in the evening of July 21. Venerable Man Chien, the Executive superintendent of FGS Overseas Temples, advised the prospective reporters that although the program had ended, "every end is another new beginning". She exhorted them earnestly that they use their pens to write history as FGS' news pioneer and share with the world.

Instructor Ms. Hsiao Ling Chao said that Venerable Hui Hao, Director of Hsi Lai Temple, asked her if the participants were "turned from iron into steel", meaning if they are ready to perform, she replied in the affirmative with confidence. The Venerable reminded the prospective reporters that one will succeed if one is willing to try.

Some of the prospective reporters wasted no time and put their mass media training in use immediately: Shun-shi Liu, a Dharma sister from Toronto, promptly promoted another news writing and photography forum which is going to be held on August 1st and 2nd in Toronto; Ya Fan Chen from Dallas, whose script was rejected 5 times that afternoon, was not discouraged and she invited Venerable Man Chien to give another training to those in Dallas; Yen Rung Tang from San Diego praised the content and organization of the program, that it had taken into account the practical operation and experience sharing; Frank Lam from Hsi Lai Temple said that writing was always his weakest link but after these two days' program, he said that he is confident to present a writing product in 40 days.

In response to these requests, Venerable Man Chien promised the participants that more such workshops will definitely be held. She encourages more to seize those opportunities to participate and learn.