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Cleanup and Save the Bay
June 28, 2015

50 volunteers from BLIA members, teacher assistants in Hsi Lai School summer program and students in 6-week Monanstic Life Retreat spent a half day cleaning up one popular spot at Long Beach bay in hopes of keep trash out of the ocean and keeping the area beautiful for the summer.

The beach cleanup was organized by BLIA Sub chapters of Long Beach and Hacienda Heights. Following by the international coastal cleanup day in April, the students from the 6-week Monastic Life Retreat also took part in June Beach Cleanup this time.

After a stretching exercise led by Sacha, the president of Hsi Lai sub chapter, students received trash bags and gloves and were directed to areas that needed attention.

One of the students from the retreat, Cheahli Lee says,” It's important for everyone to become aware of putting trash in the right place. I am so glad to have this chance to participate in this activity as I have never done this before in New York.”

Before the potluck, Venerable Hui Hao, the director of Hsi Lai Temple, reminded everyone the importance of the environmental and spiritual preservation. He says, “Besides doing well in the environmental preservation, we should also place value on preserving our spiritual environment such as the purification of concepts, language, and intentions. In other words, it relies on the individual to purify the three karmas of body, speech, and mind. Environmental preservation usually takes place externally. The purity of the mind is the greatest environmental preservation since Buddhism believes the establishment of the notion of environmental preservation should start from the human mind.”

Everything was largely cleaned up by 11:00 a.m., and the beach had gone back to a friendly ground.