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Bathing the Buddha, Cleansing self at the same day
May 24, 2015

To celebrate the 2559th Buddha’s Birthday, Hsi Lai temple held the Taking Refuge and Five Precepts ceremony at 5/24 beside the Bathing Buddha ceremony.

Nearly 400 people got together in the Main Shrine, under the guidance of Venerable Abbot Hui Dong, 90 of them made commitment to be a Buddhist while the rest of the people vowed to uphold the Five Precepts for all their life.

For preparation, seminars both in Chinese and English were given at 5/10 so that the participants can have a clear idea about the meaning of Triple Gem and Five Precepts. The disciples who taking the Five Precepts practiced how to put on their robes after learning the meaning of the precepts.

Abbot Hui Dong mentioned that the Sakyamuni Buddha is our teacher who went through constant practices to attain enlightenment, if we can follow his teaching, we will too, become enlightened in the future. From a positive way, upholding the precepts—not killing; not stealing; not sexual misconduct; not lying and not take intoxication, is actually respect other people’s life, possesses, reputation and self’s wisdom. Precepts are the living norms for everyone, like the armor protecting ourselves. Ven. Hui Dong encouraged the preceptors to help and support the Sangha community sustaining the Buddha teaching.

Before ceremony ending, Abbot Hui Dong purified everyone with Great Compassion Water and gave each of them a string of prayer beads. With their certificates on hand, they happily took a group photo out of the Main Shrine with Abbot Venerable Hui Dong and Guiding Venerables.

Lee Xuan-wen, aged 8, was the youngest Refuge –taker; Wu Lien-hua, Wang Wei-yeh and Li Pai-wei at the same age of 81, were the eldest seniors who took Five Precepts.