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Visiting Tom
May 21, 2015

On 5/21, Venerable Man Kuang and Man Jing accompanied by Ms. Ching Chausse, ex-president of BLIA, Hsi Lai Subchapter, and Ms. Sacha De Nijs, president of Hsi Lai Subchapter, went to visit Mr. Thomas Moher and his wife Catherine who used to be active disciples of the temple. They took refuge of the Triple Gem few years later after they witnessed the construction of Hsi Lai temple since 1985.

Being a retired military officer and a musician, he liked to share his experience of learning Buddhism in Asian countries and played violin in the Dharma Day. Even though they are in their 90s, with inability of driving and walking, still concern about the activities in the temple and discussed Chan Kong-an with Ven. Man Kuang. Ching and Sacha also made an offer to drive them to pay respect to the Buddha on Sunday when the celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday is on. Before ending the visit, under the leading of venerables, Ching, Sacha, Mr. and Mrs. Moher altogether chanted Heart Sutra in English.