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Fifteen Thai monks visited Hsi Lai Temple
May 15, 2015

Fifteen Thai monks from various monasteries came to visit Hsi Lai Temple on the afternoon of May 15; their bright orange robes reflecting in the sundrenched sky after two vital days of rain. After chanting and paying respects to the Buddha in the Main Shine, the group went on to see the gallery with the children’s art exhibition.

The head monk, Ven. Phrnphommolee, said he had gone to Fo Guang Shan headquarters in Taiwan several years ago and was impressed by the surroundings and architecture and was very much amazed by the various activities that the temple did.

Even though his temple, Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, Bangkok, Thailand is well known for teaching meditation, he has always wanted to expand his intention to set up more Dharma schools for children. Wat Paknam is one of the largest temples in Bangkok with a sizeable community of monks and nuns.

Many people from around the world stay there for yearly meditation practice. Before they left, Ven. Mankuang presented each of them with a copy of Hsi Lai Annual Report and a Buddhist Pendent as they apologized for the rushed visit due to a tight scheduling of 3 other temples in the same afternoon. They also visited the Arhat Garden and tossed coins into the pond. On their way out, they met a group of children coming off the school bus. They were very happy when the children said hello to them.