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National Day of Prayer
May 7, 2015

To hold the National Day of Prayer on the first Thursday of May has been practiced since 1988. It is a chance for all the religions to unite in prayer and bring new aspect to all the peoples in the world.

On May 7, Ven. Man Kuang, Hsi Lai Temple Director of Outreach, with Ven. Man Jing and Zhi Hsuan plus nearly 20 Arcadia sub-chapter members participated the National Day of Prayer in Arcadia Congregational Church.

There were several religions representatives to present prayers which includes Buddhist, Baha’i, Jewish, Sikh, Christian and Catholic tradition. Along with the adult’s prayer, there was also a child to read a prayer to express the theme: Embracing Diversity Leads to Peace.

The program started with Venerables chanting Heart Sutra and transferring the merit, the prayer from Ven. Man Kuang. She mentioned that to reach the peace, we should have wisdom and compassion and to work it out continuously. Hsi Lai Boy Scout Jeffrey Ho presented a prayer to show the meaning of how to embrace diversity and leading to Peace in Buddhist perspective.

Besides different traditional prayers, there were words of thanksgiving from Ms. Betty McWilliams of Foothill Unity Center, a charity organization with 35 years. Donations from the participants of this event all contributed to help the people in need.

Beautiful songs from the Baruhart School Chorus and Licata Brothers inspired everyone. The ceremony ended with refreshment served by Jolene Cadenbach, the convener of Arcadia Interfaith Action Group and the pastor of Congregational Church.