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2015 Southern California Buddha’s Birthday Joint Celebration Preparatory Meeting
April 8, 2015

A number of Buddhist associations from Southern California gathered at Hsi Lai Temple on April 8th to discuss “Celebration of Buddha’s Birthday (Vesak),” which will be held in Whittier Narrows Park on May 17th. Twelve venerables and 40 devotees attended this preparatory meeting.

This year, the celebration is being organized by FGS Hsi Lai Temple, Fa Guang Temple and Guan Yin Temple, undertaken by BLIA Los Angeles Chapter; and another twenty Buddhist associations will assist and participate.

Venerable Hui Dong remarked, “Many people assist in planning the event thoughtfully. We can see that it is not easy for these causes and conditions to occur. It is not necessary for individuals to do every single thing, but as long as everyone tries their best to do their part, this will be a great opportunity to practice the threefold training of precepts, meditative concentration and wisdom. All work together toward this huge event.”

Vice chair, Venerable Chan Guang of Fa Guang Temple, mentioned, “Each time I attend the Buddha’s Birthday Preparatory Meetings, I can see everyone working together diligently and collaboratively; their work is very touching. Under the assistance of various temples, our collaborative teamwork will make this event successful!”

During the meeting, General Director Lun Jie Chen, introduced each unit and each board member reported their work progress and activity contents. He mentioned that activities based on Buddhism always make people feel relief and peace; thus all preparations progressed smoothly.

At last, Venerable Hui Dong gave thanks for everyone’s attentiveness. He also mentioned that it was very meaningful to understand Buddha’s Birthday via the preparatory meeting. It was also a great opportunity for all temples from different areas to join and collaborate together without discrimination. Theravada, Tibetan and Northern Buddhist traditions united together without discrimination serve as the respect to Sakyamuni Buddha.