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Hsi Lai Temple- Three Acts of Goodness Children Artworks Exhibition
March 15, 2015

FGS Hsi Lai Temple held the “Three Acts of Goodness” Children’s Artwork Exhibition on March 15th at Hacienda Heights Community Center, exhibiting more than two hundred pieces of art by youth. Through this event, the organizer hopes to share the pure perspective, innocence and imagination of young artist’s and what the world would look like if people practiced the Three Acts of Goodness.

To encourage practice of the Three Acts of Goodness (Do good deeds, Say good words, Think good thoughts), as propagated by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the organizer invited children from ages 4-10 to illustrate the idea of “Sharing Good Things” from his or her own perspective. This activity helps to promote peace within the community and together build a harmonious, hopeful future. The exhibited artwork came from across the nation including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Indiana and New York.

The subject of each piece had various titles such as, “Reading Book with Mother,” Donating Money to People in Need,” “Holding Hands While Singing,” Taking Care of Wounded Animals with Father,” and “Sharing Happiness with Saying Good Words.” Through diverse ideas, the children all expressed their purest perspectives.

Hero Zhao from New Mexico, said that last winter break, while visiting Hsi Lai Temple, he received news of the artwork competition. He entered the competition and was bestowed the Outstanding Award with his piece entitled, “Protecting our Earth.”

Besides artwork in the exhibition hall, there were many fantastic performances such as Fan Dance by BLIA Hacienda Heights Subchapter, Buddhist music from the Lotus Band, and a Sign Language Performance by students of Hsi Lai School. Additional activities included face painting, Chinese character cutting, handcrafts and Three Acts of Goodness Book Exhibition.

Oil painters Jiang Zhao Xie and Yin Yin Fu; Chinese ink and wash painters Ping Guang Chu and Xin Xie Chen; and general art instructor, Stella, worked together as the judges for this exhibition and competition events.