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Third Wave of Visitors, Nearly Twenty Thousand, Visited Hsi Lai Temple During Lunar New Year
February 21, 2015

On the third day of the lunar New Year, there was nearly twenty thousand visitors visited FGS Hsi Lai Temple. Lots of visitors worshipped devoutly, and offered flowers and fruits in Bodhisattva Hall. In the main shrine, endless visitors bring their whole family regardless young and old, came for offering incense, offering light, striking the lucky bell to pray for good luck of the year and writing wishing cards to pray for better new year.

All volunteers and Hsi Lai boy scouts gathered in Dinning Hall assisting in packing lunch boxes for devotees. Delicious lunch boxed warmed everyone’s heart, and this had to thank all volunteers worked together efficiently and collectively as a team.

To ensure and maintain safety for all visitors, Hsi Lai Temple had requested more police officers to patrol around the area. In addition, to minimize the crowded traffic, Hsi Lai Temple worked closely with Los Angeles police officers to directing traffic, and borrowed Hacienda school’s playground to use as temporary parking lots.