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Temple Tour for Cyclists
February 16, 2015

Among the 22 tour groups coming to our temple in February (which includes 5 Middle Schools, 7 Senior Groups, 6 High Schools, 3 Universities, and 2 Elementary School and 1 Adult group), there was one special group at 2/16. 24 cyclists from Different Spokes Southern California (DSSC Club) visited Hsi Lai Temple for the first time.

With the cycling jersey and spandex tight shorts, these sporting people look different from other comers. After the guiding tour from one of our experienced docents Elaine Yang, they expressed their appreciation for the hospitality and the knowledgeable introduction. They enjoyed this trip very much. Plus, they have learned more about Buddhism. They were all looking forward to bring more friends next time. Starting cycling in the morning, they did a ride of 38.5 miles back and forth from Temple City and Hsi Lai Temple.