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Food to the homeless people
January 17, 2015

1/17/2015 Outreach Director of Hsi Lai Temple, Venerable Man Kuang, and Ven. Ru Song Led more than 80 volunteers deliver food to the homeless people in St. John Vianney Catholic Church. The volunteers are from Hsi Lai Subchapter, Long Beach Subchapter, Rowland Heights Subchapter, San Gabriel Subchapter of Buddha’s Light International Association and Hsi Lai Social Youth. The youngest volunteer is just 13 years old.

At around 5 pm, volunteers were gathered together to prepare for the working line on delivering the food. And under the supervision of Ven. Ru Song and vice president of Hsi Lai Subchapter, Helen, each volunteer worked out their position. And they cooperatively handed out the food to the 200 homeless and maintained the food hot. Every receiver was happily and appreciatively received the food.

All volunteers really expressed the working motto of Venerable Master: Giving others confidence. They worked cooperatively and handing out the food with smiling face.

Besides the delivering of the food, there was the performance of Lotus Band with three songs, theme at ‘Love and Peace’. All the receivers and staffs from St. John Vianney Catholic Church praised the devotion and great work of all the Fo Kuang Buddhists. They hope we can join the event again in the future. And when the volunteers saw the sufferings of the receivers, they would like to learn to be more compassionate and enthusiastic to help all sentient beings.