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by Xiong Hong (1940 - )
English translation: You Zai

What is the structure of emptiness?
What is the characteristic of emptiness?

All dharmas are empty of characteristics,
neither arising, nor ceasing of its own,
neither abiding to purity, nor impurity,
neither to this, nor that,
neither increasing, nor decreasing.

This is only due to a series of causes and conditions;
Just as roses bloom from buds,
The buds grow in the presence of water and sunlight.
The murky color of the muddy streams are caused by
the landslides after the rain.
Likewise for the fresh water on the Wu Laokeng’s
mountain springs, so crystal clear.

Just as the funds in the deposit reduced because
we have spent them.
The virtues and wisdom increased because
we have deeply enter the treasury of sutras,
and assist others with compassion.

One cannot take control of one’s own causes and conditions;
like the unsettled waves of the stirring water,
don’t lose your way while caught in the waves.
Practitioners use their prajna wisdom
to observe the truths of all dharmas;
Emptiness has no arising, ceasing,
purity, impurity, increasing or decreasing,
Practitioners see the original nature of all dharmas:
of oneness is signless.

── from Xionghong Shi Jingxuan Ji (Selections of Xiong Hong’s Poems)