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by Dong Qichang (1553 - 1636, Ming Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

Abstain from excessive drinking as it impairs the mind;
Abstain from lust as it suffocates the mind;
Abstain from strong-flavored food as it muffles the mind;
Abstain from overeating as it dulls the mind;
Abstain from overactiveness as it disrupts the mind;
Abstain from unnecessary speech as it impedes the mind;
Abstain from apprehension as it depresses the mind;
Abstain from overthinking as it disturbs the mind;
Abstain from excessive sleeping as it exhausts the mind;
Abstain from prolonged reading as it burdens the mind.

── from Huachanshi Shuibi (Scribbles in the Chan Art Studio)

by Yu Lingbo (1927 - 2005)
English translation: Zhi Yue and Siew-Hsiang Chow

Walking on the right path, making nothing of hardships,
is the wealth of reason.
Conducting business and serving customers fairly,
is the wealth of honesty.
Waking early upon sunrise when the rooster calls,
is the wealth of diligence.
Diligently doing housework with our hands and feet,
is the wealth of effort.
Guarding the home from thieves and fire,
is the wealth of prudence.
Refraining from breaking the law,
is the wealth of righteousness.
Helping the family, both the old and the young,
is the wealth of unity.
Having a spouse and children of virtue,
is the wealth of family support.
Having filial children who bring the family honor,
is the wealth of family heritage.
Having a meritorious heart, receiving
heavenly protection,
is the wealth of wholesomeness.

── from Xingshi Shici Xuan (Selection of Poetry and Verses on Awakening the World)