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by Duke of Zhou ( ? - 1105 BCE, Zhou Dynasty)
English translation: Hsin-Yu Huang

Honorable men have the strength of oxes,
but do not compete with oxes in strength.
They may race like horses,
but do not compete with horses in speed.
They may be wise as scholars,
but do not compete with scholars in wisdom.

Those who have great virtue
but handle things with modesty will gain honor.
Those who own vast lands
but live with frugality will find peace.
Those with high official positions
but discipline themselves with humbleness
will be respectable.
Those who have powerful armies
but guard their posts carefully
will emerge victorious.
Those who are smart but appear ignorant
will gain numerous benefits.
Those who read extensively and have good memories
but appear shallow will have their horizon broadened.

── from Taiping Yulan (Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era)