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by Shitou Xiqian (700 - 790, Tang Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang and Linda Tsui

heart, half a pinch of tenderness, three portions of rationality, a handsome amount of credibility, a chunk of uprightness, ten portions of filial piety, a barrel of honesty, one complete set of good deeds performed in secret, and a reasonable amount of skillful means added according to your preference.

Stir the above ingredients in a wok of magnanimity; avoid the flames of anxiety and hastiness. Reduce temper by thirty percent, and grind with the mortar of equality. Sprinkle with the powder of careful deliberation, and mold the Six Paramitas into pills the size of bodhi seeds. Take three times a day at your convenience with the soup of harmony. Should you follow the prescription, no ills will remain untreated.

Avoid the following while taking the prescription: wholesome speech accompanied by unwholesome conducts, consideration for the self but not others, an arrow shot to people’s back, untold mischief, a hidden dagger behind a smile, a two-headed snake, and fabricated truth. Immediate abstinence from the above seven is essential.

Shall all ten of the abovementioned ingredients be fully consumed, good fortune and longevity is guaranteed, and you become a buddha or a patriarch

── from Guiyuan Zhizhi Ji (Pointing Directly Back at the Source: A Collection)