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by Pei Xiu (791 - 864, Tang Dynasty)
English translation: John Balcom

The mind cannot be transmitted,
Use a profound connection to transmit it.
The mind cannot see,
Use emptiness to see.

Such a connection is not a connection,
Emptiness is not emptiness.
The manifested city does not exist,
As described, the topknot contains a pearl.

“Pearl” is just a label,
How can the city have form?
The mind is the Buddha,
The Buddha is unborn.

There it is, here and now.
Do not seek, and do not work.
To ask the Buddha to find the Buddha,
Many times more effort is spent.

Follow the Dharma to arise understanding,
And fall into the realm of Mara.
Do not distinguish between the ordinary and the sagely,
This is turning away from seeing and hearing.

No-mind is like a mirror
It does not seek out things.
No-thought is like emptiness,
There is nothing that it does not contain.

The Dharma outside the three vehicles,
In many kalpas is difficult to encounter.
If you can do such,
You are a hero of the supramundane world.

── from Jingde Chuandeng Lu (Records of the Transmission of the Lamp)