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by Miao Ye (Years unknown, Ming Dynasty)
English translation: John Balcom

First, do not ask for the body to be without sickness, for if the body is without sickness, greed and desire will easily arise.

Second, do not ask for a world without difficulty, for if the world is without difficulty, arrogance will arise.

Third, do not ask to investigate the mind without obstruction, for if there is no obstruction you will skip over what you have learned.

Fourth, do not ask to practice free from Mara, for practicing free from Mara weakens your vows.

Fifth, do not ask to make plans that are easily accomplished, for accomplishing things easily will lead you to despise determination.

Sixth, do not make friends that benefit yourself, for making friends that benefit yourself damages your morals and sense of justice.

Seventh, do not ask to live with others and be satisfied, for with satisfaction, the mind becomes conceited.

Eighth, do not ask to give and have the favor returned, for if favors are returned then you will develop improper intentions.

Ninth, do not ask for others to share their benefits with you, for having benefits shared with you will lead to the mind moving falsely.

Tenth, do not ask to have your own oppression immediately removed, for if oppression is immediately removed anger will arise.

── from Baowang Sanmei Nianfo Zhizhi (The Jeweled King Samadhi's Direct Guidance on the Mindfulness of the Buddha)