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by Ji Xianlin (1911 - 2009)
English translation: Miao Guang


Time is merciless; it is a mirror which we have created ourselves to reflect our truest faces.


A thought of not bearing to see suffering is a sprouting root that nurtures the lives of people and matters.

A moral integrity that refuses to do the inappropriate is the pillar stone that keeps this world upright.

To not harm even a single bug or ant, nor covet for even a bit of silk or thread, is what established life for this world.


Not going against our conscience, not being contrary to reason, and not exhausting the world’s resources: these three conducts allow us to confirm the nature of the world, to establish a means of life for the people, and to reserve blessings for our future generations.

── from Ji Xianlin Zishu: Wo Zhe Yisheng (My Entire Life: The Autobiography of Ji Xianlin)