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English translation: Miao Guang and You Zai

Remain wholeheartedly in patience,
Follow the conditions for everything.

Afflictions enable rigidity to be subdued,
Bodhi is accomplished with gentleness.

A human life is difficult to obtain;
thus, it is also easy to lose.
Time passes easily; thus, it is also difficult to chase.

To train oneself to appear foolish,
one’s cleverness will appear.
To study until one appears dull,
one’s distinctive quality begins to appear.

The girth of a tree grows from a tiny seed;
A journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.

Sentient beings allow their minds
to be led by the circumstances.
The buddhas use their minds
to transform the circumstances.

Immeasurable life, limitless dharmas;
no right or wrong, no afflictions.
People have affinities, liberation has difficulty;
with causes and conditions, there is Bodhi.

From the twelve links of dependent origination,
observe all the conditions of the human world,
to broaden one’s perspective.
In accord with the karmic retribution of the three periods,
think of all the encounters that we come upon,
is it possible to clearly understand our mind?

Take a look at all those who had dug their own graves.
How many actually cherished what they had?
Only when karmic retribution falls upon them
do they finally realize the true meaning of pain.
Ask all those who are successful in their own reign
for their willingness to spiritually cultivate;
When time has gone away, there is nothing left
but to sigh upon the everchanging matters of this world.

── from Siyuan Yinglian Jijin (Collection of Temple Couplets)