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by Venerable Master Hsing Yun (1927 - , Fo Guang Shan)
English translation: Zhi Yue and Siew Hsiang Chow

With self-confidence, one could cross the Ganges River
even if empty-handed;
With self-confidence, one could soar into the sky
even after falling into a dry well.

In Chan Buddhism, to assume responsibility is considered a way of having faith in ourselves. There is a proverb that says, “With self-confidence, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Without self-confidence, even the simple act of breaking a stick cannot be accomplished.”

Indeed! Having faith in ourselves is like adorning ourselves with a jade or pearl necklace; it dignifies our body and mind.

Having faith in ourselves is like having a walking stick; it allows us to advance without obstruction.

Only by having faith in ourselves as well as an understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses, can we begin to create a bright future.

── from Mi Wu Zhijian (Between Ignorance and Enlightenment)

English translation: Miao Hsi, Cherry Lai, and Fo Guang Shan Tsung Lin University

In society, the frequent sight of people fighting to become boss is no surprise. A true boss is not evaluated by position or ranking, but by a mind that knows to respect and tolerate others. In this world, those who are honorable and respected by others, all come from humility.

If a person’s heart can only embrace his family, he can only become the head of his family. If his heart can hold a city, he can become a mayor. If his heart can hold a nation, he can become a president. However, if a person can expand his heart to embrace the universe and beyond, his mind and nature will be unified with the Buddha’s.

── from Hsing Yun Shuo Yu (Hsing Yun’s Commentaries on Allegories) and others