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by Baizhang Huaihai (720 - 814, Tang Dynasty)
English translation: Zhi Yue

A monastery’s prosperity is achieved by preventing conflict.
In cultivation, the most reliable approach is to chant the Buddha’s name.
In diligent practices, upholding the precepts is foremost.
In treating illnesses, eating less is the cure.
In handling afflictions, endurance is Bodhi wisdom.
In dealing with gossip, silence is the way to liberation.
In persuading residents to remain, maturity is the most genuine approach.
In performing duties, wholeheartedness is meritorious.
In speech, straightforwardness is achieved by brevity.
In dealing with elders and juniors, compassion and harmony accumulates virtue.
In scholarship, diligence is the gateway to understanding.
In the Law of Causes and Effects, understanding is the key to being unimpeachable.
In life and death, regard impermanence as a warning.
In doing the Buddha’s work, be practical while showing finesse and sternness.
In receiving guests, utmost sincerity is an offering.
In a monastery, age and virtue is dignity.
In all undertakings, preparation saves energy.
In dealing with others, humility and respect is propriety.
In dangerous situations, calmness and composure is concentration.
In helping others, compassion is the foundation.

── from Baizhang Conglin Qinggui Zhengyi Ji (Record of Testimony and Meaning of the Baizhang Monastic Regulations)