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by Fu Sinian (1896 - 1950)
English translation: Fo Guang Shan Tsung Lin University and Linda Tsui

To establish one’s credit is the basis of human conduct and scholarship. It is also the root of the organization of societies and countries. If credit cannot be established, then Truth can certainly not be sought.

When I talked about moral education at National Taiwan University, the only phrase that I ever “preached” was: “never lie.” Since this is at the root of moral education, if this cannot be done, everything that follows cannot be accomplished.

Scientists who lie will never have real findings. Politicians who lie will certainly cause great harm. Educators who lie will be incapable of educating people. All those who engage in scholarship must begin by never lying. An individual’s lies will result in collective lies. An evasive lie is sure to bring forth deliberate lies. Once lying becomes commonplace, how will society be without disorder? The drawbacks of lying are innumerable.

An individual’s achievements, especially those that are extraordinary, have been developed freely. The same applies for schools. If everything is limited by strict regulations, then shortcomings will not be corrected, and strengths will not be revealed. We must know that independent growth is the guiding principle for the successful administration of schools. When establishing regulations, not only must we not impose too many restrictions, but we must also encourage students to voluntarily deal with circumstances and overcome difficulties. It is only in this manner that there will be life in education and vitality on the school campus.

── from Taiwan Daxue Banxue Linian Yu Celue (The Philosophy and Strategies of Managing National Taiwan University)