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Translated into Chinese by Siksananda (652 - 710, Tang Dynasty)
English translation: You Zai

Bodhisattvas resolving to seek Bodhi wisdom do not do so without causes and conditions. By having pure faith in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, they thus give rise to the boundless mind.

Seek not the Five Desires nor the king’s throne; nor seek abundant wealth, personal pleasures, or great reputation.

Seek only the aspiration to eradicate the suffering of all sentient beings and to benefit the world.


May all beings be free from suffering
and attain all happiness.

May all beings be liberated from
the aggregate of suffering,
and attain the emanation body.

May all beings transcend
the prison of suffering,
and accomplish the cultivation of wisdom.

May all beings see the path of tranquility,
and distance themselves
from all unwholesome actions.

May all beings attain the joy of Dharma,
and eradicate all types of suffering.

May all beings be relieved of all sufferings,
and be mutually loving and compassionate.

May all beings attain the joy of the Buddhas,
and be free from the suffering of birth and death.

May all beings attain purity,
and be free from all forms of harm.

May all beings attain the ultimate truth,
and attain the unobstructed mind.

Thus are the bodhisattvas’ ways
of seeking the Dharma:

When bearing all forms of suffering,
wholesome merits are transferred,
Wishing to liberate all beings,
free them from all misfortunes and adversity,
So they may abide in perfect wisdom,
and be unobstructed from liberation.

── from Avatamsaka Sutra