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by Shen Congwen (1902 - 1988)
English translation: Zhi Yue and Ellen Wong

Life is full of chances and coincidences. Therefore, its results inevitably seem as if they are the products of fate.

In this world, temperamental people always seem to have different viewpoints than everyone else. Even though the distance of a path may seem close, but the actual journey is lengthy; those who lack patience will not finish their journey.

Overcoming all one’s weaknesses marks the beginning of a person of great character. All my life, I have never believed in power, only wisdom.

Life is like a book, its contents are complex and heavy; it is worth reading to the very last page, and must be turned it slowly.

── from Bian Cheng (Border Town) and others

by Ding Ling (1904 - 1986)
English translation: Zhi Yue and Ellen Wong

Life is like a climbing a hill─it takes one step at a time.

An ordinary pond of water, when illuminated by the sunset, is transformed into a golden sea.

A person with faith and a goal can endure all hardships and can adapt to any environment.

For thinkers, there is no such place as a desolate and remote land. In the face of adversity, she can still manage to enrich and better herself.

Reckless love is like playing with fire as its dangers are always there. If love is likened to sweet wine, then if one drinks too much, it will become poisonous.

── from Dingling Sanwen Ji (Collection of Prose by Ding Ling) and others