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by Feng Zikai (1898 - 1975)
English translation: Zhi Yue


Which floor do you live on? In life, there are three floors: The first floor is material living, the second is mental living, and the third is spiritual living.


Have not a chaotic heart; do not be trapped in emotions. Fear not the future, dwell not in the past.
This is the way to live in peace.


With a narrow mind, all small matters are big. With a broad mind, all big matters are small. See past the vicissitudes of life with a peaceful and unaffected heart.


If you love, all things in life become lovable. If you hate, all things in life become hateable. If you are grateful, then everything becomes worthy of gratitude.
If you mature, then everything in the world also matures. It is not the world that chooses you; you are the one who chooses this world. And so, as there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape to, we may as well be joyous. As there is no pure land, we may as well calm our hearts. As one’s wishes have not been fulfilled, we may as well feel relieved.
── from Feng Zikai Wenji (Literary Works by Feng Zikai)