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by Li Yuxiu (1662 - 1722, Qing Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang


Before anything is said, trust must come first;
Deceit and lies, how can they be tolerated?
Instead of more, less said is better;
Only to the right degree, without flattery or deceit.
In seeing others’ virtues, instantly strive to emulate;
Even if they are out of reach, catch up gradually.
In seeing others’ demerits, instantly strive to introspect;
Correct the existing, and be alert to what is not.


For every person we see, we must love them all;
All are under the same sky, over the same earth.

If noble in conduct, we will also be noble in name;
What people respect are not our appearances.

Flatter not the rich, nor belittle the poor;
Loathe not the old, nor prefer the new.

People have faults, speak not of them;
People have privacy, expose not of them.

To speak of others’ virtue, is virtue itself;
Upon hearing such, they will improve even more.

To speak of others’ faults, is fault itself;
It attracts only hatred, and causes more wrong.

Encouragement of good, an establishment of virtue;
Failing to help others correct, a deficiency for both.

In giving and receiving, awareness is essential;
Better to give more, and better to take less.

Before treating others, ask ourselves first;
What we find undesirable, stop it instantly.

Repay all kindnesses, forget all resentments;
Shorten our grudges, extend our gratitude.

── from Di Zi Gui(Student Codes)