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Translated into Chinese by Dharmaksema (385 - 433, Northern Liang Dynasty)
English translation: You Zai and Zhi Yue

When our bodies has rid of all unwholesome karmas, our speech free from the four errors*, and our minds free from all webs of doubt, a state of quiescence is attained.

When our bodies and minds are free from afflictions, when they abide in the state of tranquility and obtain ultimate happiness, a state of quiescence is attained.

When our minds are free from attachments, free from all resentment and revenge, and are in harmony without disputes, a state of quiescence is attained.

When we avoid creating unwholesome karma, feel a sense of humility in our hearts always, and believe in karmic retribution, a state of quiescence is attained.

When we respect and care for our parents, protect life, and refrain from stealing the wealth of others, a state of quiescence is attained.

When we subdue all our faculties, are close with virtuous mentors, and rid ourselves of the four types of hideous assemblies**, a state of quiescence is attained.


There are two types of wise people:
The first does not transgress, the second knows to repent.
There are two types of ignorant people:
The first transgresses, the second conceals his mistakes.

Although one has committed unwholesome actions, those who know to feel remorse, repent, and not repeat the same mistakes are likened to a bright pearl in turbid water─the pearl is powerful and the water considered to be clear.

Those who do unwholesome deeds, but know how to repent, are likened to clearing the haze and clouds in the sky, so that the brightness of the moon can be seen.


What originally existed is now inexistent,
what was originally inexistent, now exists.
All existent dharmas within all three periods,
dwell in non-existence.
── from Mahaparinirvana Sutra (Great Nirvana Sutra)

* The four errors of speech are lying, double tongue, ill words, and exaggeration.

** The four types of hideous assemblies are defilements, the five aggregates, birth and death, and Mara.