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by Su Shi (1036 - 1101, Song Dynasty)
English translation: John Balcom

Running everywhere, to what can life be compared?
Like a crane treading in snow,
It might leave tracks in the snow.
After the crane has flown, does it remember east or west?
The old monk died, a new stupa was built,
No traces of our poems can be found on the ruined walls.
Do you recall those mountainous paths?
The way is long, the traveler exhausted,
the crippled donkey cries.


English translation: Miao Guang

Realizing that this world is like bubbles, delusive, An entire world is embodied within a single spot. While picking up a jujube leaf can be effortless, Yet it is rather difficult to contain it inside a mustard seed.
── from Dongpo Shiji (Collected Poems of Su Shi)

NOTE: Life is like duckweed, floating on water, not knowing its destination. Life is also like clouds, drifting in the air, not knowing its home. Swans and birds leave their footprints only temporarily on the snowy ground before flying off once again, knowing not where the next stop will be.

People are like travelers, occasionally crossing paths in life for a short moment, and then separating once again. When conditions are present, matters arise; and when conditions disperse, matters cease to be. The law of Dependent Origination enables us to make peace with ever-changing conditions, to do our best in a given role, to speak in accord with principles, to settle in any given circumstances, to deal with different people accordingly, and to be at perfect ease by following our hearts.