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by Venerable Master Hsing Yun (1927 - , Fo Guang Shan)
English translation: Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center

When will social issues come to an end?
Purifying people’s minds is most important.
If we follow the Seven Admonitions,
then we know that chaos will disappear.

By abstaining from smoking and drugs, we protect our lives.
Health and longevity is our goal.
If we can abstain from smoking and drugs,
both our families and society will improve.

By abstaining from brothels, there is no defilement.
Couples will stay in love until the end of their lives.
For teen prostitutes, we will protect and help them.
This is the bodhisattva path.

By abstaining from violence, there is no anger,
And harmony and courtesy will prevail everywhere.
If we are tolerant, we can yield
And create a space in order to enjoy good results.

By abstaining from stealing, contentment and joy will follow.
By following this precept, we will be prosperous.
Having possessions cannot compare
with knowing how to enjoy what we have.

By abstaining from gambling, we overcome greed.
If we indulge in gambling,
we are seized by the possibility of making more money.
Thus we stay awake at night to gamble,
sleep during the day, and do non-productive work.
Even if we win money,
we will eventually lose our spouses and children.

By abstaining from alcohol and not getting drunk,
we keep a clear mind.
With a clear understanding, our bodies will be healthy.
This is the key to having a happy family.
By abstaining from harsh words, we avoid gossip.

Giving words of encouragement
is a wonderful method of avoiding gossip.
By simply giving people joy and praise,
the fragrance of the lotus will be everywhere.

To raise life’s standards, we need to remember the Seven
Admonitions. A Buddha’s Light Pure Land relies on everyone
working together in a positive way.

── from The Buddha’s Light Philosophy